The sun is out and we are celebrating!


…And Oh My Gadgets

May 2nd 4-7pm 

It’s a party! 
Join us for the unveiling of the just-in Oh My Gauze collection for the season. We also have some fun gadgets for you to enjoy.

~ Yarn Swap ~  

Sunday, May 4th 1-4pm 
Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to find treasures in exchange for the yarn you know you’re never going to use! 

Click here for the Yarn Swap Guidelines.


Current Events:

Huge Clothing Sale  20-70% OFF 

Ends May 1st

(Only 7 more days!) 

All Claudia yarn 30% OFF

Ends April 27th

(only 4 more days!) 


A Note from Liz:

Hello Everyone,

We’re making room for lots of new merchandise and you can participate! We continue to clean house with our Claudia and Clothing Sales. Our next big, exciting event is the Yarn Swap. This will enable you to clean your house, too.

Another way you can help is to click on the “Addicted to Sheep”video. I think you’ll find it engaging and worth your support. 

A short message from the Director of Addicted to Sheep 
A short message from the Director of Addicted to Sheep

The next few weeks are all about fun and we hope to see you a lot. 

We’re finally standing in sunlight! Thanks so much for your support during those “challenging weather days!”  

If you haven’t stopped in yet, please do! 


Fine Points store hours:

Mondays    CLOSED     
Tues-Sat    11am-6pm    
Sunday   12pm-5pm

Visit our online store at


Stay connected with Fine Points.

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