Indulge Yourself!



Celebrity’s Choice

Enjoy this FREE pattern for “Cuffed Hand-warmers” from Whit’s Knits. They make a great gift for the holidays!

We made our hand-warmers with 1 skein of Misti Alpaca Hand Painted Chunky, and 1 skein of Alchemy Kozmos. 


Misti Alpaca Chunky
Alchemy Kozmos

*FREE pattern included with purchase of yarn.

~ Fringed Shoulder Cozy ~


The “Fringed Shoulder Cozy” is another great gift to make! And it only takes 1 skein of Feza Alp Oriental yarn!  Pattern is FREE with purchase of yarn.


Feza Alp Oriental

Each skein is a generous 165 yards! Alp Oriental is made with a mix of fibers including: acrylic, polyamid, mohair, wool, and metallic yarn.   


~ Clothing from our boutique ~

Check out our online clothing department to 
see more of our current fashions!
~ Jewelry from our boutique ~


Check out our online jewelry department to 
see more of our current fashions!
~ Class Schedule ~


12/10  1pm-4pm            LEARN TO CROCHET 

12/14  10am-1pm          LEARN TO KNIT

Fridays  2pm-5pm         FREE Weekly Knitting Circles

Click here for more class info.

~ A Note from Liz ~

Hi Everyone,

We are now in the throes of whatever these Holidays mean to us.  My advice to you is this:  DO SOMETHING NICE FOR YOURSELF!

This could run the gamut of doing a daily meditation, to stopping dead in your tracks to take deep breaths.  It could mean going to a movie matinee by yourself or eating a whole pizza or bag of chips.  You could watch a comedy on tv or buy a diamond bracelet for yourself.  Sit down and knit while listening to wonderful music or a

good book on tape.
The key here is to do something to honor yourself and realize all the things you do for others.

We’re here if you need us, doing our own deep breathing!

See you soon.


Indulge yourself!!!


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