October Newsletter: One Stitch at a Time


One Stitch at a Time…

“All Ears”  in Knitter’s Mag Fall 2013
Kirsten’s Nature Wool Hat
Rita’s Tu Beret



It’s that busy season of the year for knitting!  It’s time for knitters to dive into projects and make gifts!  Or you could treat yourself…. We have these four lovely hats that you must add to your list.

Give us a call at (216) 229-6644 and we’d be happy to put together a kit for you!

~ Beautiful, Warm Jackets ~




Lee Andersen coats are designed for the sensuous, tactile woman!

The beauty of this style is reminiscent of the confident clothes from the 1920’s; a period of stylish elegance.




~ Clothing Boutique ~

Stunning and stylish! Come in soon to try on the most recent additions to our collection; Deca, Grizas, Babette, Lee Anderson, & more. You’ll love the sophisticated style with a loose, comfortable fit.  

Check out our clothing department online to see more.

~ Class Schedule ~
11/2  12:30pm-3:30pm   MAGIC LOOP HANDWARMERS

11/5  1pm-4pm               LEARN TO CROCHET

11/7  1pm-4pm               LEARN TO KNIT

11/9  12:30pm-3:30pm   CRAZY QUILT MITTENS

11/16  10am-1pm           LEARN TO KNIT

Fridays  2pm-5pm          FREE Weekly Knitting Circles

~ Liz’s Letter ~

Hello Everyone, 

The illusion of an eternal summer was shattered this morning at 
5:00 am when (A) the electricity in my house went out and (B) when I started hearing loud, crashing noises and realized it was the sound of tree branches hurtling to the ground.  So if it’s October 24th, what’s going on with the winter wonderland outside my door?

This is one more indication of the craziness in our world.  Just one more example of things gone awry.  So what’s constant?  The knitting in our laps.  We can’t ignore that winter will soon be upon us.  (Actually it felt like it here this morning!)

If you haven’t already done so, make your list of gifts you’ll be knitting for loved ones.  We’ve got lots of ideas for you, knitted in new fibers and old favorites.  We’ll be sharing our picks for holiday gift giving, complete with a showcase on December 1st.

Remember, it’s our knitting that will hold us together throughout the storm of any season.  So cozy up, sit back, and weather through whatever is going on… one stitch at a time.


Happy Halloween!!! 
Visit our online store at www.finepoints.com


Stay connected with Fine Points.

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