Fabulous Fall

Fabulous Fall!

Jack Be Little Pumpkin 
A FREE knitting pattern!

We’re going to Louisville, KY!  
Click here for more information about this event.

Visit the Fine Points booth (#SJ460) October 4-6th!

Join us for a massive, nationwide knit-along during October! 
Check out 30daysweater.com for more info.
Knit-Out & Crochet 2013

Join us for an afternoon of fun with fibers.  Just bring a project!  Bring your questions for Sarah.


October 6th 1-5pm 
Mayfield Library
500 SOM Center Rd.
Click here for more info.


Check out Norway’s acclaimed high fashion, fiber and creative arts magazine. Subscribe and help get Liz to Norway! 
Click here to subscribe. 

Share your projects with us!

Instagram is a FREE picture sharing app for apple products. When you upload a picture of your knitting to Instagram, use the hashtag #finepoints so we can see it. 


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Upcoming Classes

FREE Weekly Knitting Circles on Fridays 2-5 pm! 
Click here for more class info. 
with Sarah James
Thursday, October 10th 12pm-3pm  $35.00 


with Craig McDonald
Saturday, October 12th 10am-1pm  $35.00 


with Liz Tekus 
Sunday, October 13th 1pm-4pm  $35.00  


Fine Points
Check out the latest fall knitting magazines!







Fine Art Yarn 

by Rowan  
This sock yarn is super soft and hand painted in gorgeous colors. Smooth to the touch, Fine Art is also strong and elastic. It’s the perfect yarn for beautiful, long-lasting socks or any other knit accessory!

Swans Island Fingering Yarn 

Swans Island yarns are spun and hand-dyed in Maine. Certified organic wool, all-natural indigo dyes and traditional hand-dyeing techniques produce incredibly soft yarns with rich colors and uniquely beautiful variegation.

 Click to Buy “Swans Island Yarns”

Fine Points, Too

The Clothing and Jewelry Boutique

Pashoot Sweaters 

Looking for something that’s fashionable but still comfortable?  Pashoot sweaters are in and perfect for fall!

Click to Buy        

Yea Clothing 

Come in soon to try on our new clothing line. The style is French and the relaxed fit makes each piece very enjoyable to wear!


Ferrara Jewelry           
Ferrara Jewelry incorporates interlocked metal links polished to a brilliant finish. These unique pieces drape like fabric while providing the longevity of metal. Compliment any fashion with this wearable art!






50% OFF All Sympli Clothing!

Come in while supplies last.

Liz’s Letter:

Hi Everyone,
    Have you ever considered the virtues of Happiness?  Lately I’ve been thinking about choosing happiness over the doldrums.  It’s easy to fall into the gloom and doom aspects of every day living, especially when faced with lots of challenges.


    I often have to remind myself to step back and make a conscious choice.  Do I want the weight of the world or do I want happiness?

   That’s the trick:  to step back.  One thing that helps me is to go into Fine Points.  The yarn makes me happy, designing makes me happy, and working with you makes me really happy.

See you soon!


  If only there was a knitting video game…

Visit our online store at www.finepoints.com



Stay connected with Fine Points.

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