Fear No More: How to knit your New Favorite Sweater, From Start to Finish

Today’s guest post is from the folks at 30daysweater.com. We hope you join us on this exciting knit along. Download the free sweater planning guide today!30-Day-Sweater-800-800x800

Knitting a sweater is a big project and it can be intimidating. But what i’m here to tell you is that if you know how to cast on, knit and purl you can make a sweater! I absolutely love knitting sweaters, but it hasn’t always been that way. In fact, when it comes to sweaters I had a very rocky start. That is why I put together a step by step guide to designing and knitting a custom fit, top-down, raglan sweater in 30 days, it is called the 30 Day Sweater. This book (and course) helps make knitting a sweater simple and addresses all of your knitting fears so you don’t have to worry about anything and can just knit!

One of the first things that scares people about knitting a sweater is the size of the project. With the 30 Day Sweater we break down the process of designing, preparing and knitting your entire sweater into 30 bite size pieces that are easy to complete. If you do one step per day you’ll finish in 30 days but if you want to take it a little slower you could finish in 60 days. The important part is that when you take knitting a sweater one step at a time it becomes far less intimidating. Just focus on one step at a time and before you know it you’ll have a completed sweater!

No one fits perfectly into a set sweater size. Personally I am between a small and a medium and am quite tall so in most traditional patterns the sleeves and body are too short. There is nothing so frustrating as spending a lot of time and energy on knitting a sweater only to have it fit poorly (or not at all). In the 30 Day Sweater you use your unique measurements to create a sweater that fits! The best part is that the system works over and over again for any size or shape of person. So if you want to knit a sweater for your granddaughter and another one for your husband just enter in their measurements instead and you’ll be on your way to making sweaters that fit them too!

If you’re worried about having a sweater style that you’ll actually wear you’re in luck! Using the 30 Day Sweater you can make your sweater out of any weight of yarn and any needle size as long as your gauge is consistent. In addition to your yarn choice you can choose from a buffet of options to create the look that you want. If you want a pullover or a cardigan, v-neck, crew neck, cowl collar, pockets, zippers or hoods we walk you through how to customize your sweater to your unique tastes. Don’t worry about not knowing how to do these things, we use step by step video and picture tutorials to make things simple.

Using this process, knitting a sweater is a goal that you can accomplish! Don’t let fear stop you from making a sweater that you’ll love!

If you’d like to learn more about making a choosing a sweater style and everything that goes into preparing to knit a sweater, download our free Sweater Planning Guide. In this guide we talk about choosing a suitable yarn, how much yarn to buy and how to plan a sweater that you’ll love! Did we mention that it’s free?

Click here to download

This guest post is part of the 30 Day Sweater Challenge promo tour. Join us this October as we help 5,000 knitters around the world knit a sweater they’ll love, in 30 days. To sign up just visit http://30daysweater.com/finepoints and download your free sweater planning guide. It will help get you started on the right track! See you in October!

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