Flipping the bins

Some gorgeous Mountain Colors ribbon yarn

You never know what to expect on a Sunday here at Fine Points- whether a holiday brings a flux knitters from scattered corners of the continent or if the only sounds are our needles clicking you can almost always count on one of us discovering a skein we cannot live with out. Today, the first of September, is no different.

In search of the perfect fiber for the funky trim of a mitten, we dumped an entire wall of Mountain Colors, Great Adirondack and Prism Yarns. It was so gorgeous there on the floor, all mixed together and vibrant. I didn’t know whether to put it back on the shelf or roll around it. And that is when I spotted it:

photo-1Liz and I fell in love with this Hand-Dyed Curly Ribbon yarn by Judi & CO. This 100% rayon yarn blissfully blends dark mauves and grays with a vibrant pop of citrus and teal. The edges of the ribbon are black, giving the yarn a textured effect.It reminds me of the colors I see every time I go shopping: muted tones with bright neon accents. I see this yarn as a lacy tank or maybe a headband. Liz sees it in a multi-fiber scarf knit lengthwise. Heather says she would just wear it around her neck as is. What would you make?

Come see us in the shop Tuesday-Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. This and MANY MANY other skeins are bound to fall out of the bins and into your arms.

Let me know in the comments what YOU would make with this yarn!


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