Spring Into Summer!

Spring into Summer!

Saturday, May 25th

~ Memorial Day Weekend~

Bargains!  Sales!  Specials!

Help support Porchfest!
Get 20% OFF at Johnny Mango’s Monday, June 2nd
(Click here to print coupon.)

Porchfest is Saturday, June 22nd  3-8pm
30 porches, and 30 bands!
There’s still time left…

with Nora Bellows

Saturday June 1st, Purse Class  $85.00 
Sunday June 2nd, Flowers Class  $65.00

Take both classes for $130.00 -A $20.00 savings!
Q. What do I need to do to enroll in this fun class?
A. Purchase a Noni bag, any Noni bag from Fine Points. While you’re here, sign up for the workshop on June 1st. Go home and knit the bag. Wash and felt the bag. You will be bringing a damp bag to class.
Q. What will I learn in the workshop?
A. Increase confidence and creativity through the use of professional finishing techniques.
Upcoming Classes
Don’t miss our Weekly Knitting Circles on Fridays 2-5pm!
Click here for more information about our current classes. 

with Craig McDonald
Saturday, June 8th 10am-1pm   $35.00

Noro Knitting Magazine

Spring and Summer 2013

This issue of Noro Knitting has 35 bright and beautiful knits to choose from! Learn how to incorporate geometry into knitting. Also, find projects for the “Coral Season.”

Interweave Knits

Summer 2013
The Summer 2013 issue of Interweave Knits is in, with 21 relaxed styles for summer knitting! These styles have feminine details with smart structure. Learn more about lace, and transformative motifs. You will be delighted with the openwork fabrics!
Spellbound TopThe Spellbound Top is a great piece to make for the summer. It is lightweight, and perfect for warmer weather. Designed by Rosemary Drysdale, it is published in Tahki’s pattern book “Intermix.”  Use different yarns for a different look! The store sample on the left was made with Ironstone Sky, on the right: Louet Euroflax Chunky Heathers.

Queensland Pimo Lino Cardigan
Another great summer top! Make this cardigan for a lightweight garment this season.

Tag-Along Top

by Fiesta
Looking for more Summer projects to start now?  Make the Tag-Along Top by Fiesta!  We made our sample using Fiesta Linnette yarn.  The variegated yarn creates an interesting patterning of colors throughout the piece.

Click to Buy Yarn ($32.25)

Perfect Notion Case

by Nancy’s Knit Knacks
The Notion Case is perfect for knitters and fiber artists! It is a small but highly functional case for doo-dads.

Fine Points, Too

We have new Summer Fashions in-store for you!

Oh My Gauze
Reasonably priced, this line can be dressed up or down and is comfortable in even the warmest of weather. Made of cotton gauze, it’s breathable and cool. These pieces will go fast!

Elvis Laskin
Melissa Laskin designs contemporary fashion using high quality artistic prints. Her abstract designs are versatile for any occasion. Elvis Laskin clothing has a sophisticated, yet casual look.

Lauren Vidal
Lauren Vidal clothing is designed by a creative Parisian designer named Revital Vidal. Her outfits are contemporary and relaxed. Inspired by minimalism, the designs span a greater diversity.

Jasmine Keane Jewelry
Jasmine Keane is handmade glass jewelry. The artist, Brenda Morrison, makes each piece playful through her use of color and texture. It’s truly one of a kind!  
Liz’s Letter
Hello Everyone,Every so often, I come across a quote that gives me  pause.
“Hold the Light”
If I keep a green bough in my heart, the
singing bird will come.
~Chinese Proverb 
Sometimes it’s an easy task; sometimes it’s a challenge, especially when I turn on the news or pick up a newspaper.

When I first read this quote, I was struck by it’s imagery. A green bough brings lush surroundings. It speaks of vitality. Often world events challenge this imagery. It takes effort and commitment to retain a positive picture.

And the songbird… not just any bird, but a songbird. Who wouldn’t want to encourage a songbird in her heart? I invite you to join me in holding the space for the singing bird. My family and friends will love me for it, as will my staff –and so will others who enrich my day:  the checkout girl at the grocery store, the bank teller, vendors on the phone and customers at Fine Points.

I’ll gently remind myself to begin with one positive thought, then one hour and then a day. Soon whole forests might appear.

And the songbird? He’ll invite his friends and soon there will be an entire choir.

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